My teammates, Dane Young, Eric Buckendorf, and Niles Rowland, were excited that there was going to be a West Coast Darkmoon Faire that we could attend. The DMF was going to be a sealed event so we went to and placed an order for 3 boxes of Drums of War. I always use this site for World of Warcraft TCG orders, and if you haven’t been there I recommend you check it out. Their customer service is amazing and they have the quickest turn around time out of all the sites I’ve ordered from.


After the Drums of War sneak preview, I was getting even more excited for the DMF, since the new set seemed amazing for limited. We received our boxes on Tuesday, and we went to work on playing sealed deck. My first impressions weere that Priest and Warlock were the two weakest classes, and Hunter, Paladin and Rouge were the strongest classes. We came to the same conclusion as what was being posted on all the message boards, that Twin Spire Ruins is the best location in the set. I also learned that I love the Berserking ability, and that Rensarth Shadowsun is the best two drop in the set. Most of the Berserking guys have big butts so usually they can attack down on a lower cost ally and trade up for a bigger drop.


We played a bunch of sealed decks and then moved on to draft. With a couple drafts under our belts,  Niles showed us that Priest wasn’t as miserable as it looked on paper.  Niles is still new to the game, so when he revealed his hero, I thought I was just going to crush him.  Boy was I wrong.  While I was still able to pull out a victory versus him, I saw the potential that Priest had. He was able to trade little guys early, kill my big guys with Shadow Word: Anguish, and empty my hand and heal with Vampiric Tendrils. Niles was gaining a ton of tempo with his Shadow Word: Anguish. I liked the idea of this deck, but I would need to draft it myself to see if really had any potential.


After going through the 5 boxes of Drums of War that we had from tournaments and the ones we bought online we felt like we had a good grasp of the set. We left Las Vegas on Thursday night and headed for Anaheim. On Friday I decided to get in the Gadgetzan tournament, but was disappointed with a weak pool with 0 early game and only late game fatties. I lost first round to Sean Wang (who ended up winning the tournament) and decided I had enough with this deck and entered in the loot tourney, which worked out since in the end I got Kiting loot. After all my teammates were done with their Gadgetzans, we went up to the room where I did a draft with Sean and Dan from Cali, Karl, Tony and Big Dog (the “Other Kevin Lambert”) from AZ, Dane and Eric. I decided it was time to try the Priest deck and it ended up being pretty nutty. I had 3 Tinker Burnfizzles, 2 Dawn’s Grace, 3 Catrina Clark, 2 Shadow Word: Anguish, and 1 Vampiric Tendrils. It was getting late and I never had the chance to play Sean in the finals so I don’t know who would have won this tourney.


Day 1 DMF: Anaheim Championship



Tim Rivera


Hero: Boarguts the Impaler



1 Centurion Addisyn

1 Darbun Steppeheart

3 Horkin Figluster

2 Jee’zee

1 Johnny Rotten

2 Logor Blackfist

1 Nok’tal the Savage

2 Rensarth Shadowsun

1 Sanva

1 Sepirion

1 Zari’zari



2 Behead

1 Enduring Shout

2 Spell Ricochet



2 Netherbane



2 Twin Spire Ruins



2 Bolstering Our Defenses

1 Enemies, Old and New

1 A Rare Bean

1 Revenge Is Tasty


I messed up building this deck and it became apparent after the first round. I included the 2 Logor Blackfist because if you look at my curve it’s a rather cheap deck. After playing I quickly realized that I never really emptied my hand. A lot of my resources were spent on attacking with Netherbane, Twinspiring or using Rensarth. After playing with this deck I started siding out the 2 Logor Blackfists for the 3rd Twin Spire Ruins and 4th Horkin Figluster. This deck was built for Rensarth and with the 3 Twin Spires, he was in play all day long.


I didn’t take notes during the matches but my opponents were:

  1. Phil Edge

  2. Jan Palys

  3. Eric Buckendorf

  4. Kyle McGinty

  5. Gareth Hughes

  6. Matt Markoff

  7. David Fujimura


The closest matches were between Jan and Matt. Both games were nail-bitters and I was able to barely squeak them out.


I had made my first top 8 at a DMF event and was pretty excited. We went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory and Big Dog provided some good entertainment with his impersonation of Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean when he got some Carbonara sauce in his beard. I even have a picture:




Top 8


We sat down for the draft and I was sandwiched between the two other Las Vegas players. I decided with Dane on my left that I was going to go for it and draft the priest deck. I figured Dane would be the only other person in the draft that would go Priest and that if I cut off all the priest cards in pack 1, that I would get every single priest card in the draft. This strategy ended up working out well as I was able to get a 4th or 5th pick Misery in the 2nd pack and I ended up with all the priest cards besides the lose controls which Kyle took. My Top 8 draft deck list was:

Hero: Martiana the Mind Wrench
1 Hellfire Citadel
2 Revenge is Tasty
2 Outland Sucks!
1 Scouring the Desert
1 The Last Barov
2 Tonks the Tenacious
1 Rayne Savageborn
1 Cymbre Shadowdrifter
1 Envoy Samantha Dillon
1 Keward Rocksalt
1 Al’lanora
1 Woodsie Leafsong
2 Mollie Brightheart
1 Virkaltor
1 Catrina Clark
1 Tinker Burnfizzle
1 Sphere of Divinity
1 Misery
3 Vampiric Tendrils
3 Shadow Word: Anguish
2 Dawn’s Grace




The way you draft this deck depends on what faction you are. If you go Alliance you will want to pick up all the Tinker allies, as they combo really well Dawn’s Grace and Catrina Clark. If you go Horde I typically try to get as many aggressive drops as possible, as you will try to out tempo them cheap removal and try to take any game they have left with the discard.


Quarterfinals – Matt Markoff


1st game: I go for the Misery win, casting it on turn 2 and planning to mill him every turn. He lays down the Scouring the Desert that he had the whole game and after activating it I was far behind and conceded. I misplayed I should have just played my deck out like a normal deck and default to the Misery plan as a back up win condition, but since I didn’t I couldn’t kill any of his allies.


2nd game: This game goes long but I am able to resolve a Misery and live long enough to survive through his Scouring the Desert.


3rd game: The nice thing about the Priest deck is that sometimes you just draw the nuts and you gain a lot of tempo. An example would be the third game vs Markoff. Turn three he cast a 3/2 which I killed with SW:A, turn 4 I killed his 4/4 with SW:A, and turn 5 I emptied his hand with Vampiric Tendrils and my flip. Leaving him with 0 cards in hands to my 4 cards in hand. Surprisingly he had the Bloody Ritual in hand and later said he made a mistake and should have just cast that on turn 4 instead of the 4/4. After these sequences of turns the game was rather anticlimactic with me casting a Tinker Burnfizzle with Dawn’s Grace in hand to heal the damage off it, and I was off to the semis.


Semifinals – Kyle Mcginty


1st game: I stabilize his early rush and am able to gain board position. With him not having much going on I decide to cast Misery and mill him. After one activation he counts his deck and decides its time for game 2.


2nd game: Kyle’s deck does what its supposed to do. He gets Hala on turn 1 and is always able to have more allies out then I do. I really never have a chance as his thuds stop me from ever mounting counterattacks to kill his allies. This game ends rather quickly as he smashed my face in.


3rd game: Once again I starve off his early game, and we get to a point were we both are going off the top of our decks looking for some game. Its rather late in the game and he has the Lanthus of the Forest, Braeden Nightblade, Woodsie Leafsong and Treewarden Trolven in play and all I have is a Virkaltor. I drew Misery when he has 13 cards in his deck and I have 8 resources, and 0 damage on my hero. I play Misery leaving Shadow Word: Anguish and Dawn’s Grace in han, with him having no cards in hand. He drew attacked my hero with Woodsie Leafsong and I Shadow Word: Anguish it.  He lays Immobilization on my Misery and at first I’m thinking damn what a top deck, then I realize that I have Virkaltor in play. I mill him for 4 in response and sac the 5/4, which ends up giving me the game. My next draw would have given me a Tinker Burnfizzle, so the game would have ended up with me winning in a different fashion, because all he had next was another ally that would die to the Burnfizzle once I healed him back to full. 


Finals– Jan Palys


This match was covered on UDE website and can be found here:


The third game I didn’t win with Misery I won with Tinker Burnfizzle, but at that point it didn’t matter, since my double Shadow Word: Anguish and double Vampiric Tendrials draw just cleared his hand and board.


I won, everyone came up and congratulated which was nice. I still haven’t decided on what prize I’m going to take and times running out. I think I’m going with the entertainment center, but I need to check on a few more things (my wife).


We ate lunch and came back just in time to see Mike Basa win the leveling tournament making that 3 in a row for him. Congrats Mike. Overall it was a good weekend, 3 of the 4 of us that came down from Las Vegas made Top 8, I was able to make a bunch of new friends, and I won the tourney. Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear them.



Tim Rivera


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  1. Hey Tim. Grats on the win; and good to see some new stuff on your site. I started following WoW a lot more closely now that Vs. is on life support; and it was good to see an old Vs. face do well in this new venue.

    Take care!

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