PCLA 2006 -The Almost Deck – From Qward with Hate

I may be totally wrong here, but I thought some of the VS fans out there would like to see some of the inner workings of one of the old school teams from the Pro Circuit.  I thought it would be interesting to review a deck that almost made it to the Pro Circuit.  For those interested I am sharing one of the decks that we had built before Pro Circuit LA 2006.  This deck is one of the decks we were tuning before we came up with the Devil’s Due deck that Adam Prosak won the tournament with.  I have attached the chat logs for everyone to see the progression of the deck.  The deck was originally created by David Frayer.

Post 1:

Hey guys, please take a good look at this deck:

4x Nightshade
4x Detective Chimp (1)
4x Courtney Ross
7x Hellfire Club Initiate
3x Valeria Von Doom
1x Boris
1x Beast (2-MOR)
4x Dr Light (3-DGL)
4x Dr. Doom (3)
1x Silver Surfer (5)

4x Power and Wealth
4x Straight to the Grave
4x Enemy of My Enemy
4x Reign of Terror
4x Latveria
4x Birthing Chamber
4x From Qward With Hate

Basically how it goes is on turn 4 you need Chimp, Beast, Latveria
and some random guys in play. You need access to 1 Reign and 2 From
Qward With Hate. You call Anti-Matter w/ Chimp, play Dr. Doom and
Reign what you can, then chain the two FQWH, ko’ing your 4 random
guys and all your resources to ko the opponents entire board. Usually
you are left with Doom and Light in play, for a fairly strong board
advantage. Typically, you will rinse and repeat on turn 8 (repeat 4)
if needed.

Now, I can get this to go off about 75% (maybe more) of the time
(goldfishing) on turn 4 and almost 100% on turn 5 with Surfer back-up
(bounce their 4). It totally devastates curve decks, but I need to
test it against HV and Titans, obv. I have already been playing and
tweaking this deck for a couple weeks. I originally had the 4 drop
Doom to flip the P&W, but having the 3 is more vesatile. I went with
a Hellfire Club base in this version because of P&W and concealment,
but I think it is possible to use a Heralds base (Frankie, Surfer 2,
Creation, etc) or even straight AM.

So, the question is can we make it better? More consistant? One
problem is how to kill them after you ko their board; 5 attack is
kinda slow. Run that 6/2 2-drop w/ Light? Run 1 TNB? I dunno. Are
there search cards I am missing or synergies with like Sorcerer’s
Treasure and the like? Also, is there a better play than Surfer on 5
if you are forced to wait? What about fizzle and the like? What about
the numbers; more Boris or Beast? Less Latverias? Anyway, please
discuss, put it together and try it out. It is somewhat difficult to
play, I had to chain like 4 things on 4 to get the set-up right, but
it’s not too bad. And please, please, please DON’T show anyone who
isn’t a teammate.

Post 2:

This deck seems ridiculous. Is it supposed to have 1 drop nightshade
or 1 drop nightmaster? I agree that a better win condition might help.
I’m thinking more copies of boris could make the deck more consistent.
I will try and do some testing against high voltage and teen titans
and let you know what i come up with.

Post 3:

Yes, Nightshade, the 1 drop concealed shadowpact guy. He is there so
you can actually play Chimp on 1 or 2. Speaking of which can you use
Nightshade’s ability more than once per attack? That is can you pay 30
to give him + 10 attack?

Post 4:

What about adding in the 2 Drop Boomerang to this deck? It would
remove one of their permanents Pre-Hate and make you lose less life

Post 5:

1x Madame Xanadu
3x Nightmaster
2x Nightshade
4x Detective Chimp (1)
1x Courtney Ross
2x Hellfire Club Initiate
3x Valeria Von Doom
3x Boris
1x Beast (2-MOR)
1x Dr Light (3-DGL)
1x Dr. Doom (3)
1x Silver Surfer (5)
1x Poisen Ivy
4x Beetle
1x Nenora
1x Chomin
1x Qwardian Watchdog

1x Slaughter Swamp
4x Power and Wealth
4x Straight to the Grave
4x Enemy of My Enemy
4x Reign of Terror
1x Latveria
1x Birthing Chamber
4x From Qward With Hate
4x Hard Sound Construct
1x UN Building
1x Soul World

i’m sure this is just worse, but i think the deck has the capability
to go in this direction. also, i like the thought of qwardian
watchdogs on turn one in this environment.

Post 6:

1x haywire

4x watchdog
1x orb
4x det chimp
3x luna maximoff
1x nightshade
2x nightmaster
1x chomin
1x nenora
1x shadow creatures
2x hellfire club initiate
1x dallas riordan
1x courtney ross
1x valeria von doom
2x boris

1x poisen ivy
3x beast

1x dr. light
1X dr. doom

1x dr. doom

1x silver surfer

3x latveria
3x soul world
2x birthing chamber

4x straight to the grave
4x enemy
4x reign of terror
4x fqwh
2x power and wealth

Post 7:

Orb and Dallas are excellent, I’ll have to try them. Is that enough
copies of Light and Doom? 3 Luna? I’ll play around with this version.
Anybody else try it out?

Post 7 is the last one we had regarding this deck, because of bannings and the fact that the Devil’s Due deck was broken.  I loved the idea of this deck, going back to the old magic days this deck was like playing Ernham-Geddon.   With more and more talk about Golden Age, I would love to see this deck rebuilt and tuned.  There was one more version of the deck list that came that I can’t find the post for, and I wish I could, because we found the best character to have after FQWH, Fatility.  It was awesome to have a Fatality out and then reset the board so that you only had her on the field, guaranteeing that their new 1-3 drops would be destroyed again.   

This is just one of the crazy decks we had for Golden Age.  I’d love to hear any crazy ideas that you may have.  See you on the realms.