Mega-Weekend Chicago – Part One


     Since Mega-Weekend LA I have been fiending to play some more VS System.  Niles was nice enough to want to help me feed my addiction and decided to come with me to Chicago.  Niles and I left on the Red Eye flight from Las Vegas and arrived in Chicago at 6:00 a.m.  Luckily for us, we were able to check in at that time and we decided to crash for a couple of hours.

     Once we both were awake, we playtested a couple of games with the gauntlet of decks we had.  After a couple games, Patrick Yapjoco landed and called to meet up.  Patrick arrived at the room and we got our stuff ready and headed down to Pastime Games.

     We arrived at Pastime Games and entered the tourament.  There seemed to be quite a few people there and it was announced that it was going to be seven rounds of Swiss with a straight cut to determine prizes.  Niles and I decided to play some decks that we had built already.  Niles choose the Quicksilver/Syndicate deck that John Hammond played at PC Indy to a 9-1 record, and I was stuck with Moloids. 

Here is my decklist for the Friday Night DS Tournament:

14 Moloids

4 Mole Man

4 Dr. Doom, Richards Rival

4 Mr. Fantastic

1 Divinity

2 Ultron

1 Dr, Doom, Sorcerorous Servant

4 Birthing Chamber

4 Doomed Earth

4 Justice Is Served

3 Flying Kick

2 Big Leagues

1 Call in a Favor

4 Unthinkable

4 Mobilize

4 Savage Beatdown

    I really like the Moloids deck.  The deck breaks on of the most basic, yet important, aspect of the game, resource points.   This deck is able to play like a curve deck, but it also has the ability to fill the board out with a ton of Moloids.   

     I started off the tournament by going 6-0, only to lose in the last round.  Throughtout the rounds I played against: 2 Skrulls decks, 1 Shadowpact deck with Fate Artifacts, 1 TAWC Above and Below, 1 Moloids, 1 Yoshi Special(Gorilla Grodd control), and 1 Checkmate/Villians United deck.  In the last round I won the roll and took the wrong initative, which ended up costing me the match, thanks to his Fatality.  I ended up in first place after the Swiss rounds due to good tiebreakers,  and then became the proud owner of a DS Lite. 


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